4 simple prayer steps taken from Luke 4 and how Jesus ministered to people in order to bring transformation to others.

Speaking peace to people and to the systems that are around us.
We are not called to point out people’s sins if they are not Christians– the consequences of sin are already in place. Our job is to speak life and peace to people so that they will will draw to God’s heart and desire to live righteously not just because God says so, but because it is the best for them.
Listening to find out where the pain and brokenness is.
Get to know the people around you enough that you are aware of specific needs in their life. A great way to get started is to be friendly, listen and ask questions!
Talking to God about someone else’s problem.
We have the ability to see real solutions to the problems around us! Prayer changes things as we partner with God’s heart and belief in His goodness and willingness to intervene in our situations and for others.
Letting it be known that the kingdom of God is near.
After God meets their needs, use the opportunity to tell them about Christ and His love for them.