Transformation Starts in the Heart

Before we can answer God’s call to disciple nations, we must first become a disciple of Christ ourselves. Part of this process involves coming into community and allowing the Holy Spirit to heal, equip and empower us. As we become more free and confident in Christ’s love for us we can then bring this same transformative power to those around us.

Here at Coast we believe that it is essential to recognize the voice of our Father. Personal intimacy with our Creator is the foundation to our inner transformation. Throughout the year we host several courses and events designed to help individuals connect with God and build a deep, loving relationship with him. We also encourage all of our people to join a small group where you can walk out your faith within the context of community.

Moves to our Families

As we begin to experience deeper levels of freedom in our walk with God, our families will naturally be influenced by the Kingdom of God! The next step in transformation is to allow God to strengthen our marriages, families and key relationships so that we are prepared to move forward into all that God has planned for our lives.

At Coast we heavily invest our time and energy into programs that help facilitate healthy family and relationship dynamics. From children’s ministry to family workshops our goal is to help equip families, married couples and singles live in honoring, intimate relationships with those around them!

And Impacts our Region

We believe that as we focus on building strong families and community connections we in turn will be able to bring God’s love to our spheres of influence as we begin to affect the region. Whether you are called to ministry in the marketplace or in the church God has strategy placed you to bring a catalyst for change and innovation right where you are!

Our vision is that all of our members would feel empowered and assured of God’s confidence in them to bring God’s strategies, provision and peace right where they are planted.

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