Here at Coast we believe that children play an integral role in the movement of any Church body and we desire to empower and equip children to advance the Kingdom of God. It is our heart that they are able to have experiential knowledge of God’s nature and be able to respond to Him with a life that is full of trust, love, and joy. This will manifest in them becoming not just extravagant lovers of God but also of people.

We focus on training our kids how to make good choices not just learn to listen and follow instructions so that they will become a generation who take ownership, initiative, and responsibility. As a result, they will be able to walk from an early age in the fullness of their calling and destiny.

Our curriculum focuses on developing our children’s ability to encounter God through the Word, worship, creative arts, and relationships with others. It is age appropriate, hands-on and sensitive to the developmental needs of each child.

Some of our activities include worship, dancing, soaking, prophetic art, prayer, and prophecy. We explore these avenues with our children so that they will have the confidence to encounter God for themselves and respond to Heaven’s call to come and get to know Father God through Jesus. It is our hope and prayer that they will be able to find their own love language with God and that their time here will lay the foundation for a life of passionate and wholehearted abandonment to their Creator.

We have a full team of screened and qualified volunteers who are committed to helping your child find their place in the Father’s heart and to discover who they were uniquely created to be.

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