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Here at Coast we believe that children play an integral role in the movement of any Church body and we desire to empower and equip children to advance the Kingdom of God. It is our heart  that they are able to have experiential knowledge of God’s nature and be able to respond to Him with a life that is full of trust, love, and joy. This will manifest in them becoming not just extravagant lovers of God but also of people.

We focus on training our kids how to make good choices not just learn to listen and follow instructions so that they will become a generation who take ownership, initiative, and responsibility. As a result, they will be able to walk from an early age in the fullness of their calling and destiny.

Our curriculum focuses on developing our children’s ability to encounter God through the Word, worship, creative arts, and relationships with others. It is age appropriate, hands-on and sensitive to the developmental needs of each child.


Pastor Rick Esponda


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We are all about raising up world changers- children who are activated in their faith as they are taught not just stories but are actually encouraged to believe them!

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Infants to Toddlers (up to 15 months)

God’s love is expressed to our babies through loving and caring volunteers who are committed to meeting the physical needs as well as praying and playing with these little ones in a safe and nurturing environment.


Toddlers and Twos

We have hands-On teaching that stimulates all the senses that God has given to our toddlers and two year olds. Love for worship, dance and the arts are explored weekly. Our interactive Bible stories are also age appropriate.


Threes and Fours

Your preschoolers will have the opportunity to explore what it is like to have a church service geared towards kids. Each week they will spend 20-25 minutes in the small chapel, supervised by their teacher and other volunteers to express worship through music, dance, flags and art and have an opportunity to be ministered to by older children who are available to pray with them. Weekly Bible lessons that are interactive will be taught in their classroom along with age appropriate games and craft time.

Coral Reef

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

Interactive Bible Lessons are acted out as a teacher narrates the weekly story. Open-ended discussions are encouraged to help them grasp an understanding of what God is saying through His Word – the Bible and how it applies to everyday living. Students are being equipped in the areas of Intercessory Prayer, Worship Leaders, Drama, Artists, and Dancers.

They are the next generation growing in their relationship with a loving God and learning to walk in the fullness of their destiny in Christ Jesus.

Room 104

3rd Grade through 5th Grade 

This class is loaded with fun and interactive teachings that engages and challenges students to grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus. Our heart is to see these older elementary kids firmly rooted in their identity as God’s kids with the ability to hear God and be led by the Holy Spirit.